anchor chain break! An abandoned bulk carrier hit the longest cross-sea bridge in South America!

According to foreign media sources, an abandoned portable bulk carrier's anchor chain broke its stern and crashed into the Rio-Niteroi Bridge, the longest sea-crossing bridge in South America.

Shipping Circle Focus learned that the ship that caused the accident was "Sao Luiz" (IMO 9055113) with a deadweight of 42815 tons, built in 1994 and flying the Brazilian flag.

, local media in Brazil reported that the abandoned "Sao Luiz" ship was blown by strong winds to the stern of the Rio-Niteroi Bridge and crashed into the bridge body at about 18:30 on November 14, causing the bridge to be closed and traffic interrupted. The Rio-Niteroi Bridge, with a total length of 13290 meters, is currently the longest prestressed concrete bridge in the southern hemisphere and the sixth longest in the world.

live video shows that the bridge swayed due to the impact of the bulk carrier. It is not yet clear how damaged the ship and the bridge were. The local municipality said the bridge would remain closed until an assessment of the extent of the damage to the bridge was completed.

It is reported that the "Sao Luiz" has been moored in Guanabara Bay since 2016. Its former technical management company Posidonia Shipping revealed that the ship was redelivered to owner Navegacao Mansur in 2016.

"According to local pilots, the 'Sao Luiz' wheel anchor chain broke when strong winds blew over the Rio-Niteroi Bridge." The company added. At present, the Brazilian Navy has begun to investigate the cause of the accident, no injuries reported.